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Several courses show children how to use photographs for inspiration
Imagine using a photo like this as your inspiration to write a children's book. Impossible? Not really. Artists of all types (painters, performers, illustrators, photographers, writers, etc.) have been drawing inspiration from the work of other artists since the first drawings appeared on the walls of caves.
In a free sampler course, students explore how the turtle in the middle became a famous painter.


What would you write about if you were using this photograph for inspiration? Would it be:

  • A non-fiction book about the ways that butterflies feed
  • A story about a butterfly that was afraid of becoming a caterpillar again
  • A non-fiction book about rain forests?
  • A story about a little girl in a wheelchair who learns to walk by watching butterflies; or 
  • A story about how a butterfly that was lonely until he joined many other butterflies in their annual migration.
Benefits of Taking these Courses

Adults and children, will both benefit by watching someone actually write a book, and then be challenged to create their own book.

Most courses allow a student to write a first draft within one week, which builds the student's self esteem.

Special Techniques Foster Learning

Use any, or all, of these techniques to help you learn:

  • Absorb the proven 32-page picture book structure to write manuscripts
  • Use your favorite children's book as a model to absorb techniques of writing your own unique manuscript without investing extensive time studying structure
  • Use several different manuscripts that the instructor has created expressly for you to use as a springboard for writing your book
  • Use photographs to inspire you to create a unique manuscript
  • Take advantage of a variety of other techniques

Each Student Proceeds at Their own Pace.
Unlike many "Massive Open Online Course" (MOOC) you do not have a rigid schedule. You can go through the course as rapidly as you wish, or if you need to invest extra time in any area, you are free to take your time with each lesson.

Learn the Way that is Most Comfortable for Each Student
Take advantage of a wide variety of different methods to foster your learning. You may want to do any, or all, of these actitivities

  • Watch videos 
  • Interact with the instructor
  • Interact with other students
  • Write drafts and submit them for critiques
  • Critique other students' writing
  • Take quizzes to pinpoint your expertise level
  • A variety of other options
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