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Beyond Exercises Courses

Use All 5 Senses when Writing - Fun Kids Book as an Example  (#1)
You only have to write 12 sentences. Learn how to write the right 12 sentences.

Let Photos Inspire Your Book - Fun Kids Book as an Example (#2)
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Conquer Point of View - Childrens' Poetry Book as an Example (#3)

 Great fun and easy to do, when you know how.

Write a Picture Book - Entertain Children - Be a Hero
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So You Can Quickly Learn...
  • Observe an author writing a manuscript;
  • Follow the proven system;
  • Write a manuscript that entertains and empowers children;
  • Submit to publishers or self publish;
  • Collect royalties.

  • Top Quality Courses
  • Affordable Cost
  • Value For Money
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Use in class
  • Use at home
  • Write a book Yourself
  • Write a book with a Child

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What You Get With These Courses
Observe an author write a book.
Duplicate his success.
  • Success is easy when you think,'if he can do that, so can I."
Video classes are a perfect format for instillingthis attitude.
  • All the tools you need.
Complete sets of notes Quizzes Etc.
  • Ability to get answers.
Responses within 2 or 3 business days.

Each class provides free video previews.

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